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Nobody is more dangerous in today's economy than someone with great ideas who knows how to get attention and convey their values in a clear way through writing

Imagine if you could:

✅ ​Create a writing habit that aligns with your goals

✅ ​Have the tools to overcome procrastination

✅ ​Maintain a writing practice

✅ Follow up on your self-promises

✅ Self-coach yourself to defeat common challenges

✅ Develop the consistency to improve and grow 

Over the past 4 years, I’ve continually improved my daily writing workflow.

I've been writing daily during this time, which has expanded my horizons and help me find new business opportunities.

From writing tweets to an audience of 80K engaged followers on Twitter, 88K on Instagram, and 16K subscribers in my newsletter...

From writing content for my information products to writing sales copy for my landing pages...

I've seen it all.

And even though each day comes with its own set of challenges, I've been able to stick to my writing habit.


I developed a simple system to stick to this habit.

Whether You're Writing For Pleasure Or Business, Writing Enriches Your Life, Helps You Gain Confidence, And Helps You Become More Dangerous 

Writing you crystalizes your thoughts.

It solidifies your ideas.

It makes you more persuasive.

Your thinking becomes clearer.

And you become more dangerous.

I started Writing Daily in the summer of 2018. Since then I've gained over 62,000 followers on Twitter, grown an email list of 11K subscribers, and achieved one of my life's dreams: make a full-time income online.

Writing is my most valuable skill.

It scales.

It's forever.

And I can repurpose everything I write for other platforms, videos, and products.

And the best thing is that today I NEVER STRUGGLE to write.

But it wasn't always like this...

Daily Writing Feels Like An Impossible Task?

It's like trying to lasso the moon, and you don't have any rope.

I know exactly how it feels.

But, here's the thing.

You can develop the habit of writing every day.

All you need is to follow a proven, step-by-step system that you can get your hands on today.

Starting and Maintaining A Daily Writing Habit Has Never Been Easier

My Promise: you'll discover the system to become a daily writer.


First: You'll get a 70-page guide where I reveal:

✅ How to finally start writing online

✅ How to get the editing process right

✅ How to generate ideas

✅ The tools do I use to write

✅ A simple writing framework that works for any social media platform

✅ Useful strategies to make writing more compelling

Second: You'll also get a 1-hour video course where I’ll show you:

✅ How to develop the habit of writing without breaking a sweat

✅ ​Simple hacks to stick to your writing goals 

✅ How to develop the mindset of writing every day

✅ A rare trick to force yourself into writing even if you don’t feel like it

✅ ​Best strategies to attain god-like focus

✅ ​9 powerful tips to set your writing habit with ease

This course contains 24 short video training packed into 1 hour of content.

It's designed to show you my system to develop the habit of writing.

And You’re Protected By My 100% Money-back Guarantee.

If you don’t like my product over the next 30 days, then we will gladly refund your money.

No questions asked!

You’re either 100% happy or send an email to

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Daily Writer

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