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Jose Rosado
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Discover a step-by-step method to sell your coaching, consultations, or courses in the DMs

Hey there!

Jose Rosado here.

You’ve got the opportunity to maximize sales using Direct Messages. So if you’re a super busy entrepreneur who wants to expand your customer base using DMs and you’ve got at least 1000 followers…

But you’re still wondering…

How Can I Turn DMs Into Dollars?

What I’ll show you today can help you dial in your DM selling techniques without:

  • Endless follow-ups
  • Fear of being too “salesy”
  • Uncertainty about what to say
  • Wasting time on unproductive conversations
  • Losing potential clients due to poor messaging

Over the past months, we’ve helped many freelancers and solopreneurs finally see a spike in their sales numbers.


  • Matteo who closed a $5,000 fitness coaching deal in his DMs
  • Safwan who used the Persuasive Templates to get $1250 in sales
  • Ashley who is closing $2000–$4000 using the Google Docs sales pitch

Presenting: Direct Message Sales Mastery

The Direct Message Sales Mastery is the missing link to finally:

  1. Gain proficiency in leveraging Twitter and Instagram DMs for sales
  2. Learn from real-world examples and apply proven strategies
  3. Easily craft compelling DMs with the help of templates

Here's what you'll discover:

✅ The Funnel - What You Need To Make It Work

✅ The Handraiser Strategy To Get Leads

✅ How To Sell In The DMs

✅ How To Craft A Persuasive Document To Sell Faster

✅ A Word Of Advice On How To Accelerate The Process

✅ A Real Life Example Of A Sale I Got Before Recording This Training

✅ The Software I Use To Get Paid In The DMs

✅ How To Get Testimonials And How To Get Paid When You Don't Have Them

✅ How Much To Charge When You're Starting Out

✅ How To Generate Lead When You've Got A Small Audience

The Bonuses You Get

✅ The Golden DM Script

✅ The Persuasive Document Template

✅ The One-page Script To Get High-Quality Testimonials

✅ A Fast Paced Video Training on Using ChatGPT to craft your persuasive message

✅ ChatGPT Mega Prompt for creating Offers: Streamline your offer creation process with the power of AI.

✅ ChatGPT Mega Prompt for writing sales page copy: Easily craft persuasive sales copy.

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FREE: Direct Message Sales Mastery

121 ratings
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