Make $300/Day With Digital Products

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Make $300/Day With Digital Products

Jose Rosado

A Step-By-Step System And Templates For Making $300/Day With Digital Products

If you've been wondering about a way to earn an extra income with digital products that doesn't require you to:

❌ Trade hours of your time

❌ Use complicated software

❌ Spend months building it

And allows you sell your knowledge and expertise with no risk...

... and even if your digital product isn't ready yet.


This could be your chance to start getting sales notifications morning, noon, and night with digital products.

But listen, I know you may have doubts about creating and selling digital products, like:

❓Wait... sell a product that isn't ready?

❓What if I put my heart and soul into this product, and nobody buys?

❓What if I don’t have a big online audience?

❓How can I spread the word about my launch?

❓How do I know when the timing is right to finally launch my product?

❓What strategies can I use to have my product launch is a success?

❓How do I create a launch plan that will actually work?

❓What if I don’t have the time to figure out all the tech stuff?

That’s why I want you to imagine being able to follow along with simple, easy-to-follow steps that show you exactly how I’ve created 5-figure and 6-figure launches. So here's how to get started:

Introducing: HyperLaunch

A Safe, Risk-Free, Step-By-Step System And Templates For Launching Your Own Profitable Digital Product Over The Weekend (Even If The Product Isn't Ready Yet)

Imagine yourself being able to:

✅ Create a product launch campaign in as little as a weekend

✅ Get your followers to buy your digital products with little effort

✅ Make an extra income selling digital products without complicated software

✅ Know exactly what to say to your audience to persuade them to buy your products

You’ll be able to use the HyperLaunch system even if...

✅ Your digital product isn’t even ready

✅ You’ve never launched a digital product before

✅ You think launching products requires deep technical abilities

✅ You’re tried and failed launching digital products in the past

All without having to:

❌ Use complicated software

❌ Spend weeks creating launch campaigns

❌ Feel overwhelmed trying to figure out the next steps

❌ Spend months working out the details of the launch

From Struggling To Speak English To Successfully Planning And Executing Multiple 5-Figure and 6-Figure Product Launches

Hey! I'm Jose Rosado.

I was born and raised in a third-world country, the Dominican Republic.

And I had fantasized about creating digital products and earning an income from them ever since I was a teenager.

But the language barrier held me back.

I felt like I wasn't able to speak or write English as fluently as I wanted.

But in 2018, to start tweeting to test my luck.

My plan was to write in Spanish and use Google Translate to get the English right before sharing it on Twitter.

To my surprise...

The dumb plan worked.

Eventually, I grew a Twitter following...

...by using Google Translated text.

And this success inspired me to launch my first ebook.

My First Launch In 2018

I made my first $1000 in ebook sales in December 2018.

It was actually an ebook about learning how to learn.

Fast forward to 2019...

Fast Forward To 2019: Just Shy From $60K In Sales.

The Launch That Almost Cost Me Everything

In March 2020 I had my first flop.

spent nearly $5000 to launch a productivity course.

And these were the results:

I lost money.

For the first time...

And it nearly destroyed me.

But the next month I came back with a vengeance.

And crushed my sales record.

My first flop poisoned me with tons of Imposter Syndrome. I was always worried that my launches would flop and I'd lose money… but I got it sorted out.

That year I made $147,000+ in digital product sales.

And in November 2021, I made nearly as much money in course sales as the whole previous year.

What happened was...

That was the month I decided to systemize my product launch process.

And this resulted in the “Frankenstein Launch” below.

I borrowed a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

And created a “template” that overwhelmed me.


Since then, I’ve streamlined my system to the point where I can create product launches within 3 to 5 days.

With that came fast success.

And here are some results I’ve gotten for my clients:

What You'll Learn With HyperLaunch:

✅ How to plan your launch in minutes even if this is your first product launch ever.

✅ How to sell your digital products event if you haven’t created a single thing for it.

✅ How to set up your sales page fast and without complicated software

✅ The simplest ways to write money-making emails and 5 types of persuasive emails to get your readers to click and buy

✅ A stress-free method of creating sales pages copy with minimal effort and in the least amount of time possible (Write sales copy that people want to read and purchase from)

✅ A definitive answer as to how many emails your should sent during your launch campaigns (Comes directly from my experience in the industry)

✅ Eye-opening step-by-step instructions on how to exactly know what your followers wants from you.

✅ A simple method to price your products

Here’s What’s Inside:

✅ 100+ plug-and-play templates

✅ The Launch Checklist: A proven way to plan your launches in as little as a weekend

✅ The 2 Forces Research Method: How to research the market so you can create the right courses and launch campaigns

✅ Pricing Your Offers: How to price your digital products for a competitive market

✅ The "Take My Money" Email Templates and strategies to write persuasive email to get people to buy in droves.

✅ A step-by-step process to write your sales copy + 2 persuasive sales page templates

✅ Gumroad Tutorial: How to set up your sales pages in the eCommerce platform Gumroad

✅ Everything you need to know about conversion rate and how pricing your products at a higher price can actually make you more money even if you get fewer sales

✅ How to hype your digital products to prime people to buy once you launch it

✅ How to create a presale campaign so you can make sales before creating your digital products

What Gumroad And Gumroad's CEO, Sahil Lavingia, say about Jose Rosado

What People Say

"I love that all the templates are ready to be used. And how each module get straight into the content full of value with no fluff. Saves me time. Allows me to implement faster. " – Carliff Rizal

"It is succinct and to the point. All the necessary elements and templates are there to help me carry out the tasks" — Jim

Who Is This For?​

This product is for entrepreneurs, online coaches, and creators who are looking to take their launch their first product on Twitter or Instagram.

🚨 Warning: Don't have a product yet? Worry not because I'm also giving you INSTANT access to the Launch To Riches special bonuses:

Bonus #1: Create Your First Digital Product

Don't have a digital product? Don't worry, I'm also providing you with access to How To Create Information Products.

✅ Have access to online training that will give you the blueprint to turn your knowledge into Digital Assets that make you money while you're sleeping.

✅ You'll get 10 video tutorials on how to plan and create your new digital assets.

✅ How to create a digital product that monetizes your knowledge and expertise

Bonus #2: The Early Bird Deal

✅ A special discount offer exclusively for HyperLaunch early birds customers.

✅ A $350 savings on HyperLaunch.

Bonus #3: Launchpad Templates

✅ Pre-made templates to help you quickly and easily construct “Take My Money” launches

✅ 13 launch email templates

✅ 5 post-purchase email templates

✅ 2 sales copy page templates

✅ 1 prelaunch copy page template

✅ 45 hook templates

✅ 51 social media post templates

✅ 30 meme templates

✅ Product launch checklist

Bonus #4: The Persuasion Workshop

✅ The 2 best ways to you get attention

✅ How to find the inner desires of your audience

✅ How to research and how to use your research to create a persuasive launch campaign

✅ How to mold your audience's perception of you

🎁 Bonus: Leveraging AI to create high-value emails and researching the market

Bonus 5: The HyperLaunch Files (early bird bonus)

I’ll give you access everything I create to launch HyperLaunch: the launch details, the market research, the pricing strategy, the bonuses list, the presale emails, the sales emails, the sales copy, the presale sales copy, the post-purchase emails, the Instagram stories, and the tweets.

Your Options For Launching Digital Products

Option 1: Hire me or other pros

Pros typically charge between $500 and $2000+ per hour for their services. You may also be able to arrange for personalized services from them, although this could come with a hefty cost - often in the five-figure range.

Option 2: Do it yourself

Though DIY is doable, there are certain issues that come with it:

  • You may be attacked by launch anxiety.
  • You may get bogged down by the sheer amount of information that is available online.
  • You can easily become lost in all the different advice out there.
  • It can be hard to know what is best for you and your products.
  • Plus, you risk wasting both time and money.

Don’t get me wrong - hiring a pro or going the DIY route works – but why wait when you can learn directly from a seasoned pro without the hefty price tag?

Frequently Asked Question

What is your refund policy?

100% No-Risk 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Are there any startup costs?

No. The software I’ll show you how to use are free.

Is all of the content available straight away?

Yes! You’ll access to all the content once you purchase it.

Claim Your Copy Of HyperLaunch Now and Enjoy the Benefits of Launching Your Digital Products In Days

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✅ Instant access to the HyperLaunch video course

Plus, instant access to:

✅ Bonus 1: How To Create Information Products video course

✅ Bonus 2: Early Birds $350 Off Deal

✅ Bonus 3: Launchpad Templates (over 100 templates)

✅ Bonus 4: The Persuasion Workshop Replay

✅ Bonus 5: The HyperLaunch Files (early bird bonus)

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