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How I Make $300/Day With Micro Courses

A Step-By-Step System For Building The Same System I Use To Make $300/Day With Micro Courses.

If you're active on social media, you've probably noticed influencers and creators with millions of followers earning big bucks.

But what about those who don't have millions of followers but have valuable expertise?

That’s what I, originally from the Dominican Republic and a non-native English speaker, set out to understand...

So I won't keep you waiting…

Here's a system, or "blueprint", designed for anyone - even those with a smaller audience - to profit from digital products.

Who am I? My name is Jose Rosado. I run a multi-six-figure marketing firm from a country most can’t place on a map, The Dominican Republic.

I've created a “BLUEPRINT” for monetizing on social media with Micro Courses.


Micro Courses.

Over the years, I've raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars from selling Micro Courses.

But what exactly is a micro-course?

It's a brief 60-90 minute training you can sell for $50-$200.

This is life-changing because it enables you to:

➡️ Discover the core of your expertise

➡️ Earn reliably from digital products

➡️ Launch without months of prep

➡️ Validate demand faster

➡️ Monetize faster

The results of my personal journey are evident through multiple 5-figure and 6-figure launches…

All by using tactics that simplified how to monetize knowledge.

For those looking to transform their knowledge into revenue, this blueprint is a simpler way to achieve consistent online income.

And even more exciting...

You can start even with NO product ready.

Sounds too good to be true?

Considering the many tales of failure, I get it.

So stay with me…

Because I’m show you how this method can be leveraged to…

...finally reach digital product success.

You're about to learn about a streamlined system that big marketers might not want you to know about.

Yet, everyday creators with smaller followings prove you don't need a massive audience to earn big.

Already, countless creators are riding this wave to solidify their online income.

They’re tapping into the TRUE POTENTIAL of their expertise.

So, if you've ever...

➡️ Dreamed of launching a successful digital product.

➡️ Had an idea you believe could make a difference but didn’t know how to package.

➡️ Envisioned making your knowledge work for you and monetizing your passion.

➡️ Felt overwhelmed about the starting point.

➡️ Found it confusing to understand your audience.

➡️ Felt concerned about language or communication barriers.

This might be the game-changing tool you've been seeking to monetize social as a solopreneur, creator, or influencer.

Drawing from my experiences and challenges…

I've crafted a toolkit combining time-tested insights and simple methods to create and launch micro products.

This could help you erase all doubts and fears about launching your products…

❌ WITHOUT months of preparation…

❌ WITHOUT complex tech platforms…

❌ WITHOUT the fear of flopping…

And it can work even if you’ve tried “everything,” including…

➡️ Buying expensive courses

➡️ Watching countless webinars

➡️ Using tiresome strategies

➡️ Learning overwhelming software tools

➡️ Consulting with expensive marketing agencies

➡️ Hiring a team to handle your product launch

➡️ Copying successful launches without understanding the strategies behind them

➡️ Spending hours on social media without seeing real results

All of this this may have happened because you have not yet discovered the true power of…

A “Digital Blueprint”…

That simplifies the process... boosts sales... and helps you create and sell your digital products to your audience.

So I urge you to pay close attention to how this Blueprint can transform your journey.

Now, before we dive deep, let me introduce myself...

My name is Jose Rosado.

My story isn’t about overnight success.

Originally from the Dominican Republic, I grappled with significant second-language challenges.

Although English isn't my first language…

My determination led me to break into social media and launch my first digital product.

Here’s how it went…

I launched my first product using Google Translate to get the English right…

And made my first $1,000 in digital product sales—before it was even finished.

For years, I had fantasized about creating digital products and earning an income online.

But the language barrier held me back.

I felt like I couldn't speak or write English as fluently as I wanted.

But in 2018, I started tweeting to test my luck.

I planned to write in Spanish and use Google Translate to get the English right before sharing it on Twitter.

To my surprise...

The dumb plan worked.

Eventually, I grew a Twitter following... using Google Translated text.

And this success inspired me to launch my product.

I thought I got lucky…

But Jump to February 2019: Pregnant wife and all, I quit my job.

Selling digital products was one of many reasons I could quit my 9-5 job.

I remember telling my very pregnant wife, “sit down, I’ve got something to tell you.”

And then proceeded to tell her I wanted to quit my job.

This decision paid off.

I made nearly $60K in digital product sales.

Which was a nice supplementary income to the money I was making already as a freelancer.

But the luck ran out in 2020… My first flop 🙁

In March 2020, my first unsuccessful product launch came.

I invested close to $5,000 to create a productivity course, only to end up at a loss.

And these were the results:

My first flop poisoned me with tons of Imposter Syndrome…

Constant worry of product failures…

Negative self-talk…

What it all just a fluke?, I asked myself.

I’ve always considered myself lucky, but did my luck ran out?

That setback introduced me to the crippling Imposter Syndrome.

However, the following month, I bounced back, setting a new sales record.

And crushed my sales record.

Still… that failed attempt left me battling doubts and fears…

… but I got it sorted out.

That year, my digital product sales surpassed $147,000.

Making me realize that…

I could make a full-time income online selling courses.

Then, in November 2021, I almost matched my prior year’s total earnings, just from course sales.

The turning point?

That month, I chose to systematize my product launch approach, leading to what I dub the “Frankenstein Launch”.

It's a blend of various strategies, culminating in a comprehensive "template".

Now, I've refined my system…

Allowing me to roll out product launches in just 3 to 5 days.

This optimization led to rapid success.

With that came fast success.

And clients that needed me to create product launches for them.

Here are some results I’ve gotten for my clients:

My story isn't just about figures but about grit, determination, and, above all, systemizing the process.

This journey led me to develop the blueprint…

… a mechanism that simplifies the art of launching digital products.

That’s why today I want to introduce you to my 5-years-in-the-making system for creating and launching micro courses.

Introducing: HyperLaunch

A Safe, Risk-Free, Step-By-Step System And Templates For Launching Your Own Profitable Micro Courses Over The Weekend (Even If The Product Isn't Ready Yet)

You’re a creator trying to tame all those complex and chaotic marketing tactics and bring order to the madness.

Then this system rolls out a seamless plan to put every element in its rightful place…

…ensuring faster profitability from your digital products.

NO overwhelming tech setups...

NO endless hours of brainstorming...

...and NO MORE frustrating moments of doubt about your product launch success...

And even if you haven’t made a single dollar from your digital products yet, my simple strategies act as your guiding compass.

Leading you to a faster path.

That’s what countless others are already experiencing.

Imagine yourself being able to:

✅ Create a product launch campaign in as little as a weekend

✅ Get your followers to buy your digital products with little effort

✅ Make an extra income selling digital products without complicated software

✅ Know exactly what to say to your audience to persuade them to buy your products

You’ll be able to use the HyperLaunch system even if...

✅ Your digital product isn’t even ready

✅ You’ve never launched a digital product before

✅ You think launching products requires deep technical abilities

✅ You’ve tried and failed to launch digital products in the past

All without having to:

❌ Use complicated software

❌ Spend weeks creating launch campaigns

❌ Feel overwhelmed trying to figure out the next steps

❌ Spend months working out the details of the launch

With HyperLaunch Blueprint by your side, you’re not merely dodging potential pitfalls but also paving the way for continued, repeatable success.

Here's what you'll discover:

✅ How to plan your launch in minutes, even if this is your first product launch ever.

✅ How to sell your micro courses even if you haven’t created it yet

✅ How to set up your sales page fast and without complicated software

✅ The simplest ways to write money-making emails and 5 types of persuasive emails to get your readers to click and buy

✅ A stress-free method of creating sales pages copy with minimal effort and in the least amount of time possible (Write sales copy that people want to read and purchase from)

✅ A definitive answer as to how many emails your should sent during your launch campaigns (Comes directly from my experience in the industry)

✅ Eye-opening step-by-step instructions on how to exactly know what your followers wants from you.

✅ A simple method to price your products

Here’s What’s Inside:

✅ 100+ plug-and-play templates

✅ The Launch Checklist: A proven way to plan your launches in as little as a weekend

✅ The 2 Forces Research Method: How to research the market so you can create the right courses and launch campaigns

✅ Pricing Your Offers: How to price your digital products for a competitive market

✅ The "Take My Money" Email Templates and strategies to write persuasive email to get people to buy in droves.

✅ A step-by-step process to write your sales copy + 2 persuasive sales page templates

✅ Gumroad Tutorial: How to set up your sales pages in the eCommerce platform Gumroad

✅ Everything you need to know about conversion rate and how pricing your products at a higher price can actually make you more money even if you get fewer sales

✅ How to hype your digital products to prime people to buy once you launch it

✅ How to create a presale campaign so you can make sales before creating your digital products

What Gumroad And Gumroad's CEO, Sahil Lavingia, say about Jose Rosado

Gumroad is a simple creator-friendly e-commerce platform for selling digital products.

"I love that all the templates are ready to be used. And how each module get straight into the content full of value with no fluff. Saves me time. Allows me to implement faster. " – Carliff Rizal

"It is succinct and to the point. All the necessary elements and templates are there to help me carry out the tasks" — Jim

Who Is This For?​

This product is for entrepreneurs, online coaches, and creators who are looking to take their launch their first product on Twitter or Instagram.

🚨 Warning: Don't have a product yet?

Worry not because I'm also giving you INSTANT access to the Launch To Riches special bonuses:

Bonus #1: Create Your First Digital Product

Don't have a digital product? Don't worry, I'm also providing you with access to How To Create Information Products.

✅ Have access to online training that will give you the blueprint to turn your knowledge into Digital Assets that make you money while you're sleeping.

✅ You'll get 10 video tutorials on how to plan and create your new digital assets.

✅ How to create a digital product that monetizes your knowledge and expertise

Bonus #2: Launchpad Templates

✅ Pre-made templates to help you quickly and easily construct “Take My Money” launches

✅ 13 launch email templates

✅ 5 post-purchase email templates

✅ 2 sales copy page templates

✅ 1 prelaunch copy page template

✅ 45 hook templates

✅ 51 social media post templates

✅ 30 meme templates

✅ Product launch checklist

Bonus #3: The Persuasion Workshop: How To Make Your Audience Just About Anything You Launch

✅ The 2 best ways to you get attention

✅ How to find the inner desires of your audience

✅ How to research and how to use your research to create a persuasive launch campaign

✅ How to mold your audience's perception of you

🎁 Bonus: Leveraging AI to create high-value emails and researching the market

Bonus #4: The Launch Files

There's something funny about what I'm about to tell you.

Everything you learn inside HyperLaunch Blueprint I used to launch it.

That’s why I’ll give you access to everything I created for the original launch of the HyperLaunch:

✅ The market research

✅ The pricing strategy

✅ The bonuses list

✅ The presale emails

✅ The sales emails

✅ The original sales copy

✅ The presale sales copy

✅ The post-purchase emails

✅ The Instagram stories and tweets I used to promote it

I want you to succeed as a creator.

All by showing you the autonomy and success that I witnessed in my journey.

If you're reading this, you're curious about how to access the HyperLaunch Blueprint.

Many users have given us positive feedback and keep coming back for more.

They recognize its value and often recommend it to others.

Some don't even have a product yet but want to be prepared for future digital projects.

I hate the thought of someone missing these strategies. It reminds me of missed chances, unrealized potential, and unachieved dreams.

That's why I will show you how to access the HyperLaunch through a limited-time offer.

And the most ASTONISHING aspect...

is that HyperLaunch is one of the most COST-EFFECTIVE toolkits out there.

Many assume the HyperLaunch Blueprint would be priced at a premium…

… perhaps over $1200 or even higher per access.

Isn’t the potential of revamping your digital launch worth it?

I believed so.

I've invested more than that in searching for this blueprint.

The returns?


So HyperLaunch would easily cost you above $1200.

But you won't pay $1200

Not $998

Not even $479

You won't be paying those amounts...

Act now, and you can secure your very own HyperLaunch Blueprint under our exclusive offer...

For JUST $99

Wondering about the huge discount?

I'm committed to ongoing learning and refining my strategies.

I need users like you to share their experiences with me.

After 90 days with the HyperLaunch, I'll gather feedback to improve it further.

So now I ask you…

Where do you see yourself in the next month or two or three

The result will be VISIBLE!

Time flies.

And a month will pass before you even know it.

By then, you could have actionable strategies boosting your digital sales and standing out online.

Or, you might be stuck in a cycle of guesswork.

This offer aims to simplify the digital world for you.

Consider this:

At $179, it's just $1.98 a day for the next 90 days.

Indeed, it's less than your everyday caffeine fix.

So, by now, I hope you're as eager as I am about the HyperLaunch Blueprint.

But, we have an offer even harder to resist.

Try HyperLaunch Blueprint for a WHOLE 3 MONTHS (90 days).

If it doesn't change your approach, let me know...

...and I'll return every penny.

That said… mastering it won't be an overnight affair.

Yet, you can overcome these challenges with time and the right guide, such as the HyperLaunch.

But in a few moments, you'll be more digitally adept, laying a strong foundation for lasting success.

Wondering if the HyperLaunch fits your goals?

Try it firsthand and see.

And with my 90-day Money-Back Guarantee, you can test it risk-free:

GUARANTEE #1: Top Quality – The HyperLaunch Blueprint shares the current and useful strategies I use daily in my marketing firm.

GUARANTEE #2: Proven Insights - Every strategy and tip has been thoroughly tested. I even use them with my clients and with my personal brand.

GUARANTEE #3: Your Satisfaction – I stand by my product. That's why you get 90 days to try the HyperLaunch Blueprint yourself.

So now you’ve got 2 options for launching your digital products

Option 1: Hire me or other pros

Pros typically charge between $500 and $2000+ per hour for their consult calls. You may also be able to arrange for personalized services from them, although this could come with a hefty cost. I, personally, would charge you at least $9800 to help you launch a products.

Option 2: HyperLaunch It

This doable.

And that’s why HyperLaunch Blueprint can help you to:

  • Overcome launch anxiety.
  • Reduce overwhelm
  • Easily launch your product in days
  • Learn the best and safest ways for you and your products.
  • Plus, give you a risk-free, 90-day money-back guarantee.

So why wait to learn directly from a seasoned pro without the hefty price tag?

Frequently Asked Question

What is your refund policy?

100% No-Risk 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Are there any startup costs?

No. The software I’ll show you how to use are free.

Is all of the content available straight away?

Yes! You’ll have access to all the content once you purchase it.

Claim your copy of HyperLaunch now and enjoy the benefits of launching your digital products

Here's what you get:

✅ Instant access to the HyperLaunch video course so you can launch your digital products with confidence, even if the product isn’t ready yet.

Plus, instant access to:

✅ Bonus 1: How To Create Information Products video course

✅ Bonus 2: Launchpad Templates (over 100 templates)

✅ Bonus 3: The Persuasion Workshop Replay

✅ Bonus 4: The HyperLaunch Files

You Are Protected By My 100% No-Risk 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Click the I want this button to get your copy.

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