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Not Another Instagram Course

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This is what I WILL NOT show you:

❌ How the algorithm works

❌ How to pick a niche.

❌ How to make reels

❌ How to capitalize on trends

❌ How to make money

If you want to learn all of that...

buy one of those overpriced courses that teach you what every broke Instagram coach teaches.


Not Another Instagram Course is for you if...

You want to learn a different approach to creating engaging content that doesn't rely on the algorithm, creating reels, or leaving comments on other people's posts.

Finally, a way to gain
Instagram Followers
that actually works
without daily posting,
optimizing your bio,
creating reels,
or the $1.80 strategy.
(And It Only Takes
20 Minutes A Day)

This is NOT a webinar. And I will not sell you an overpriced course at the end of the presentation. It's a 56-minute masterclass where you'll discover:

• My old, failed strategy that cost me my mental sanity—and the strategy that was born from it.

• The 20-minute strategy: the simplest method for producing content quickly and without overthinking.

• What Instagram coaches tell you to do (that doesn't actually work).

• 4 never-before-seen rules for faster growth – It's where I take on the Instagram Coach status quo.

• What you absolutely must do to gain followers (hint: it's only two things).

• How to instantly increase your engagement with little effort.

• The 3 components of the perfect carousel (it's unlike anything you've ever seen before, yet so simple).

• A powerful 3-ingredient formula to create hooks, posts, and captions (this is my go-to formula).

• The 3 ways to deal with hate so that you have a better experience on Instagram

• 5 simple attention-grabbing tactics to boost engagement (so simple, you can implement them in seconds—this is not an exaggeration).

• How I design carousels with the ultimate free design app (hint: it's not Canva).

What I will NOT cover in this course

• I don't cover how to pick a niche

• I don't cover how to network

• I don't cover how to make money

• I don't cover how to engage with people

• I don't cover how to make reels

• I don't cover anything related to hashtags

• I don't cover how to jump on trends

Jose Rosado is NOT an Instagram growth coach. So this is not a "tips n' tricks n' hacks n' secrets" course. I'm just like you: a hard-working entrepreneur. I run a marketing firm from a country most can’t place on a map, The Dominican Republic.

I help clients launch their products with his simple proprietary WiFi Money Machine system. I've been featured in Gumroad, The Art Of Charm, Artbees, and other marketing and e-commerce brands.

Even though this is a free course... it's ONLY for serious, skillful people.

This course is ONLY for:

• Skillful freelancers who deliver on their promises.

• Proficient topic experts who know the facts.

• Responsible service providers who over-promise and over-deliver.

• Reliable coaches who have real, tangible proof their stuff works.

• 9-to-5 employees who are great at what they do.

What people say about this free masterclass (hint: they've gotten more from this free course than from paid products)

Daniela has 148K followers

She runs a page with 328K followers

Levon & Armen have 45.9K followers

So if you aren't proficient in any skills, this masterclass is NOT for you.

But if you excel at your work, click "I WANT THIS" for instant access.

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Not Another Instagram Course

312 ratings
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