Twitter Money Mastery

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How I Build A Multi-six-figure Business Writing Tweets From A Spanish-speaking Third Country Using Google Translate To Get The English Right.

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"No one has changed my life more in the past year than @joserosado. He is behind the scenes growing multiple people's businesses and masterminding their rise. My own business doubled this year because of him."
– Alexander Cortes (@AJA_Cortes)

"I had 22 followers on 15th August 2019. Now I've 3300+ ... and a new income source. All thanks to this man. @joserosado Buy this course even if you've to borrow money. This can literally change your life. It did mine."
– @hustlenconquer

"Within 20-something days, I collected my first $1000 in online revenue after Jose inspired me to take action."
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“By using the tools I've learned either by working directly with, or carefully watching and mapping the actions of, Jose Rosado, I've earned more than $1500 from my online efforts.”
– Chance Lunceford (@LogoCentrifuge)

"My email list grew from 100 subs to over 600 with your advice. I've also had several $1000+ weeks by following Jose's sales techniques."
– Ryan Felman (@PathToManliness)

"As my account grew, he encouraged me to monetize it and taught me how. This has turned into $4000 in profit and a regular cash flow stream that I wouldn’t have even known was possible."
– Chris Neander (@ThePrimalMan)

"In a short time, I made over $5,000 in profits with my social media following. Jose’s advice has been priceless.."
– Zaid K. Dahhaj (@zaiderrr)

"Jose is a very smart guy. With his guidance and pre-release strategy, I was able to do over $2,000 in sales before the eBook was even released! I'm truly grateful for his advice and relentless motivation."
– Zuby (@ZubyMusic)

a step-by-step process
to write engaging tweets,
monetize your audience,
make passive income,
even if you're not
a professional writer,
an expert marketer,
without trial and error,
or writing for hours,
or praying for engagement,
or paying for ads.

Introducing: Twitter Money Mastery
The Complete Digital Edition

Here's Everything You'll Get

Twitter Money Mastery Guide

  • The only 14 tips to Tweet like a pro even if you're a total newbie

  • The game-changing way to unlock Twitter’s easy mode.

  • The best way to engage larger accounts in the DMs, and how to get them to actually respond to you!

  • The shortcut to explode your Twitter following, even if you’ve failed to do so in the past

  • The top topics and ideas you must tweet about to get maximum engagement

  • Real-life examples of how to sell your services and digital products on Twitter without getting called a sellout.

  • How to make your first $1000 with Twitter FAST – even if you don't have a product or service

79 High-Performing Words For Twitter

  • List of 30 negative words to skyrocket your engagement

  • List of 21 positive words to grow and persuade your audience

  • List of 19 absolute words to light people’s hair on fire

  • List of 9 simple words that people love and hate at the same time

6 Key Elements For Creating Seductive Offers

  • Discover all the elements your offers must have to become highly seductive.

  • How to price your offers the easy way

  • Demolishing objections with Risk-Reversal tactics

Anatomy Of Irresistible Sale Pages 

  • The 12 ingredients that every sales page must have lead to persuade

  • Examples of high-converting headlines and sub-headlines

  • Simple ways to make people take their credit cards out, type their numbers into the form, and buy from.

  • 19 high-converting calls to action to get people buying.

Nearly Illegal Sales Tactic To Ethically Make Thousands On Twitter

  • The tactics that have helped me and my students make money with Twitter.

  • Pre-written tweets you can steal from me to promote your offers.

  • Using the one-two punch hacks of persuasion to get people to swipe their credit cards.

VIDEO: Sneak Peek Into One Of My Gumroad Account

  • How to create products

  • How to format your product description

  • Simple email marketing tricks with Gumroad

VIDEO: Selling Your Services on Twitter

  • The absolute best way to making an income selling your skills on Twitter

  • The 2 categories of services you should be promoting

  • How to pitch your services and how to close the deal in the Direct Messages (DMs)

VIDEO: Selling Your Information Products On Twitter.

  • The perfect way to pitch your info-products

  • The 2 most powerful persuasion tools to get more sales in less time

  • A simple path to launch your info-products

NEW Updates (April 16, 2021)

  • Free Video: How to get your DMs replied

  • Free Video: How to generate lead quickly and in autopilot with Twitter

  • Simple ways to use DMs to make money

  • How to use Fleets to generate attention and get clients

  • 11 tweet formulas to get massive engagement

  • The ultimate way to position yourself as an authority

  • 5 easy hacks to never run out of ideas

  • The only DM template you'll need to get people interested in your services

  • The most powerful hack to get someone to reply to your DMs.

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Twitter Money Mastery

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