Unfuck Your Learning

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Learn NEW Skills In Record Time By Unlocking Your Brain Powers With The Underground Techniques That Schools And Colleges Fear To Teach Their Students.

Dear Reader,

How long has it been since you stopped trying to learn the money-making skill you’ve always known you needed?

The skill that you know will help you break free from the average life, the skill that will make your wildest dreams come true.

Why did you stop?

Good question.

You stopped because you didn’t know you needed a more important skill first.

The skill of learning.

The skill to make you recognize that:

  • You have godly amounts of intelligence and the ability to create things with ease.
  • You have a unique creative power with which you could quickly attract the wealth and abundance you crave.

But you’ve never been taught the best way to learn.

You’ve been jumping between goals for what feels like a lifetime.

And you’ve been living below your true ability.

Learning how to learn will help you break free from this destructive pattern.

." - Ryan Felman (@PathToManliness)


  • If you want to unearth the tricks to unlock your learning powers…
  • If you want to discover the proven techniques for godly focus and relentless productivity…
  • If you want to develop your brain power and use it to get real results…
  • If you dream for a life of abundance, yet you find yourself constantly tired and unengaged…
  • If you want to optimize your learning and learn faster…
  • If you know you have what it takes to make it big, reach freedom and start living life under your own terms…

Then it is my opinion, 10 years in the making, to tell you that you are about to unravel the true potential of your brain.

Learn The Secrets That Memory Wizards Use To Cram Knowledge Into Their Brains…

You’ve seen the nerds on T.V. memorizing Pi (π) and remembering the order of a full set of cards.

Yeah… you won’t learn how to be a professional nerd here.

But, you’ll discover the winning tactics they use to expedite your learning goals and stamp your newly created skills into your long-term memory.

Imagine everything you can accomplish with a new set of money-making skills.

See, the act of learning generates more learning.

Learning is one of those meta-skills that will stay with you forever.

You can develop it and nurture it. You can use it to make your life better and reach your goals faster.

The more you learn, the faster you learn.

Don’t just believe me though, take it from a satisfied Unf*ck Your Learning reader, Matias Page (@hormetik):

Matias Page (@Hormetik)

Clueless Blockheads Say: “The Only Way To Succeed Is Through College”

Every day you’re bombarded with annoying advice such as:

• “You should learn how to code.”

• “You absolutely have to master a valuable skill.”

• “If you want to succeed online you have to study this or that.”

So you get stuck. There’s too much information and so little time.

But you get started anyway.

The first week passes by and you’re happy with your performance. Things are lining up and your motivation is through the roof.

The second week is here. Things get a bit harder, but you manage to pull through.

The third week of death arrives. The thrill and dreams from the last two week vanish in thin air.

You struggle to make the tiniest of gains. You start feeling dumb. Or think maybe you’re just not cut out to learn that subject.

Let me tell you this: None of that really matters.

The reason you’re struggling is that you aren’t using the right tools to approach learning.

Sadly you are not taught about them in school and that’s why you see so many people assuming they are unfit to learn.

This guide contains the methods that will transform you into the Ultimate Learning Machine.

Chance Lunceford took the principles in Unf*ck your Learning…check out what he said to say about it:

Chance Lunceford (@TheLivingLogos) took the principles in Unf*ck your Learning... check out what he said to say about it:

Unf*uck Your Learning: The Guide You Were Missing

No more lack of focus…

No more wasting of precious time…

No more rock-bottom productivity…

Say goodbye to those treacherous days.

You’re a talented creature. Let no one tell you otherwise.

Listen closely:

You can master the art of learning.

And once you do, everything else will start falling into place.

If you’re struggling to learn the bread making skills of the future, you’ll find the skills needed to end this struggle.

You will discover practical underground methods that will radically improve how you learn everything.

If you’ve ever wanted to become better at anything, this guide will help you achieve that FAST.

How Long It Takes To Apply These Techniques?

The techniques in this guide will not take years, nor months, nor even days to learn.

You’ll discover how to Unf*ck Your Learning in a matter of hours.

“You Won’t Be Able To Learn,” He Told Me, “Some People Just Can’t”.

When I was 20, I tried to learn to code.

I told some of my friends about this goal. Most of them were happy for me.

But one of them (the one I admired the most) told me something that haunted me for years.

“You won’t be able to learn,” he told me, “some people just can’t. You are one of those.”

This crushed my soul.

I mean, I respected the guy (I still do).

So hearing one of my so-called “heroes” speak to me in such a manner was discouraging.

Learning to code turned into a mess. I quit a couple of weeks after my interaction with him.

I thought I didn’t have the intelligence, nor the skills to learn.

But, boy was I wrong.

- Brandon Watkins (@_BrandonWatkins)

All You Only Need Are The Right Strategies Learn Anything Faster.

For years, you’ve heard the same old excuses,

“But I suck at math.”

“It’s impossible for me to understand this.”

“This is very difficult.”

Unlike what many believe, the truth is that learning is simple.

That is, if you have the necessary tools.

This is your opportunity to shut down the haters and learn the skills that will bring wealth, freedom and happiness into your life, and you will learn fast.

Because the unique skills taught in this ebook will drastically improve your learning capabilities.

These skills are crucial, just ask Victor Valentine (@SubtleBodhi):

- Victor Valentine (@SubtleBodhi)

What’s Included

  • Very unusual, but effective ways to truly focus
  • How to use Visualization On Steroids to take advantage of your extensive memorization power.
  • Best hacks to promote godlike focus
  • Smart ways to reduce your learning time and retain more information
  • How to structure your learning endeavors for efficiency and adaptability
  • How to virtually destroy stress and anxiety while you learn
  • How learning actually works
  • The 3 things that you need to fix immediately to make learning a fulfilling enterprise
  • How to stop struggling and actually learn.
  • How to beat stress and anxiety down to a pulp.
  • The unfair learning techniques that schools and colleges will never tell you about.
  • How to slash your learning time in half and sill learn more than ever before.
  • How to prevent learning for weeks on end. Only to find out you were learning the wrong topics.
  • The quickest way to select your learning tools and materials.
  • The uncensored process behind my personal journey while learning to code.
  • The top books I recommend on the topic of rapid skill acquisition.
  • The exact 6-step process I’ve used for the last 10 years to learn anything.
  • The productivity techniques that could turn a monkey into a high-achieving, result-oriented learning machine

Bonus #1: 7 Pillars Of Getting Things Done guide

  • Setting planned goals that you’ll want to achieve
  • A steady way of developing self-discipline
  • A one kind way of focusing like a god
  • How to implement a productivity system that actually works
  • Braindead ways of taking action even if you don’t feel like it

Bonus #2: 17 Simple Ways To Learn Faster guide

  • The secret trick the richest comedian of all times uses to learn anything in half the time.
  • The no-hype technique to simplify information in a way you'll learn it forever
  • The only app you’ll need to memorize your stuff faster
  • Using one of the Nuclear Bomb inventor’s technique to cut your learning time in half and still learn more
  • How to turn 25 minutes into a gold mine of learning

Real Testimonials From Real People!


Victor Valentine (@SubtleBodhi)

Chance Lunceford (@TheLivingLogos)

Matias Page (@hormetik)

Chief Chuck (@chiefchuck2k)

Brandon Watkins (@_BrandonWatkins)

Edward Rooster

Ryan Felman (@PathToManliness)

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

If you want to finally eliminate your mental fog and start learning stuff in record time, You need to Unf*ck Your Learning Today.


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Unfuck Your Learning

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