Write Your Ebook In 7 Days

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Instead Of Trying To Figure It Out On Your Own, Wasting Dozens Of Hours On Trial And Error, And Trying To Write Your eBook Using The Impossible Ways You’ve Used…

Imagine you could:

* Write magnetic words to get people excited about your upcoming ebook

* Have a proven system to write, self-publish, and profit from your ideas

* Turn your ideas into a new source of income that you build once and sell multiple times

* Get the attention of your audience, stoke their desire, and get clicks on your offer

* Transform any of your skills and ideas into something people would buy

Figuring out things on your own can be costly.

I’ve figured out a way to save time… the secret cheat codes...a shortcut if you will.

A shortcut to putting your ideas into writing and making a sweet income with it.

I know that Write Your Ebook In 7 Days can make a massive difference for you.

What People Say

"In a short time, I made over $5,000 in profits with my social media following. Jose’s advice has been priceless when it came to getting me to this point. His tactics are simple, yet powerful." – Zaid K. Dahhaj

"Went through the content, and made $1000+ during the short pre-sales period of my first ebook. I implemented the ideas of the “Write Your Ebook In 7 Days” course!" – Marshal McKenzie (@TheForeverFit)

"I really enjoyed reading your course. Your voice is very smooth and I learned a lot. I took notes. Your course inspired me to work on writing again, no matter what thoughts hinder me. I really liked that you mentioned the things and excuses that hinder people from starting, and solving these problems and break from these hesitations. Keep going!" – Loan Donovan

“Your 7 days ebook course is lit! I was already in the process of writing one but it really helped me! The way you write it. Short, clean sentences. Not much Hufflepuff around it. Easy to follow, easy to read. Basically great copy” – Alexander Grupp

"I felt excited about reading the course. Made me glad. I decided to start writing. It gave me confidence that I can write an ebook and will. I felt like you and the course came into my life at exactly the right time for a particular reason." – Chief Chuck

"This course made me feel amazing it gave me so much self-belief. Honestly, I think it was you. The course was great. Your attitude and belief in me gave me the belief I needed to get new ideas for an ebook. Thank you truly. I look forward to your future courses." – Sidney Ndungu

"I like how it broke the process down piece by piece. The process is the motor that takes you places." – Thomas Bailey

"Dude, just wanted to say thank you for the Ebook course. Legitimately within reading the first couple sections, I thought of 3 different ebooks I can write off the top of my head. Spurring on great things brother." – Scott Makorow

"I have already put this information to use. I created two free eBooks to use as lead magnets to build up an email list and my Twitter following. The advice was extremely actionable and made the process very simple." – Nicholas Fryman

"I had attempted to write eBooks before, but Jose helped me to organize what I’d already got into a template for releasing even more books in the future." – Austin Witherow 

Vault Of Bonuses (7x)

By the time you’re done following the steps I lay out, you’ll be on the right track to move forward.

This is why I’ve also set aside these bonuses worth over $100 for you, too…

You’re probably thinking, “OK Jose, what’s that catch?”

Here’s the thing, there isn’t one.

You’ll get them for FREE…

Do you want to know what the bonus materials are?

BONUS #1: List of titles for your ebook you can steal from me (page 28)

BONUS #2: (Video) Introduction to Google Docs

BONUS #3: (Video) How To Design An Eyegasmic E-book Cover In Minutes With Adobe Spark

BONUS #4: (Video) Canva: The Go-To App To Design Your E-book Cover For Free 

BONUS #5: (Video) Using Gumroad To Sell Your Ebooks

BONUS #6: (Video) Magical Tips To Launch A Successful Sale On Social Media

BONUS #7: Write Your Ebook In 7 Days: Day To Day Challenge. A short guide to motivate you to write your ebook.

Your New System To Writing Ebooks In A Blazing Fast Way

By the time you’re done following the steps I lay out, you’ll be on the right track to move forward.

Here's what you'll discover:

- How to find the perfect topic for your ebook that will captivate your audience

- The ideal length (hint: it's shorter than you think) for your ebook

- Fast and simple ways to design an absolutely eyegasmic book cover

- The one and only platform you need to sell your ebooks (hint: It's not Amazon)

- How to make a sale BEFORE you even start writing.

- Crafting a high converting sales page

- The simple way to promote your ebook without spending on ads.

But that's just the stuff that will get you started writing.

How do we make that sweet moolah with our newfound ebook?

I can't just leave you hanging there can I?

Because now the real work starts.

You’re Protected By My 100% Money-back Guarantee.

If you don’t like my product over the next 30 days, then we will gladly refund your money.

No questions asked!

You’re either 100% happy or send an email to jose@rosa.do.

(I’m even putting my personal email here! I’ll answer your email myself.)

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Write Your Ebook In 7 Days

48 ratings